Quality time with my kids

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About a year ago I noticed that my life was depending as many of you to electronics. I realized this when my kids wanted to copy me and use theirs too, it was my parenting fail I used many times just to make things easier. But ended up realizing that I wasn’t doing them any good. Not for them not for me and not for us.

They wanted to play with the iPad or watch movies there and just be alone with it, they started ignoring other things like playing with each other or just talking to me or developing other areas that they still need to work on. 

So I decided to change this terrible habit, it was hard but I did it! It started with me, I put my phone away when I was with them at home or at the park, we talked more, play more together and slowly I started taking theirs away to. They asked many times and they were getting frustrated so I added a passcode to all of them and they were only allow to use it after we play together. Slowly they forgot about it because they saw how much fun we were having doing other things. I made it fun and educative at the same time. 

One day they tried to unlocked them by themselves and they disable it to beyond my control, I had to plugged them to the computer to make them work again and that was the best thing ever. They finally understood that I couldn’t help anymore.

Days went by and the iPads were long gone. It has been months they haven’t asks for them. I have eventually give them my phone so they can pick up music since they all like to dance and sing. There have been times I let them watch movies too but they all 3 have to share one and compromise on the same movie. 

They don’t see me using my phone or computer either. It is all about imitating and learning from us. We are spending an almost free electronic summer so far. We watch movies and still call daddy when he is at work but we said goodbye for now to them while we are together

Time is precious and I want to teach them that human interaction is important and that there will be a time and a day for everything else.

Let’s play with each other more. 


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