Their last day at school together

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My girls age 2 and 4 were at the same preschool for one year. It was a whole year of growth and bonding as sisters. 

They loved going together and dropping each other at their classrooms. My oldest felt like she was in charge of showing her how school life was and how to be more independent, while my little one thought she was so important and older than she really is. She felt more confident walking with big sister. 

I don’t think there was one day they didn’t enjoy going to school together and saying bye to each other at the door. Same as picking up time, I took turns in which one was picking the other so they both could feel as special. 

It helped their relationship and made them proud of each other. But now my older is going to real school so no more holding hands to drop off.

I just hope my little one has the same attitude she had with big sister, I hope she learned that she can be alone too and still feel secure at school. 
Two more years and they will get to go to school together again. 


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