Yoga time with the kids

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We have started yoga with the kids. It all started when big brother took yoga as part of his PE class at school. He was introduced to it and he enjoy learning.
Next step was at the kids club at my gym, few weeks ago I drop them there and it happened to be a yoga class for the kids. Now my middle child got the opportunity to learn and she enjoyed it too.

The two of them would do poses when we were home just randomly playing so my little one got exposed to it too and will imitate them.

I have been doing yoga at least one time a week for many years and it has helped me in many aspects of my life, yoga is my relaxing time. I get to be quiet and think and clear my mind. It has helped with my inner soul, so why not let the kids take this advantage.

We started doing yoga at home. Put some spa, meditational music and do basic exercises, but most important is we take many deep breaths which makes them calm and relax too. We all do it and we all have a good time. I hope it helps them as much and it does to me. 

This picture was taken by their gym on one of their yoga classes 


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