Making puzzles

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This summer we have been doing many activities at home and outside home. One of my favorite activities to do with all my kids is doing puzzles if we are staying in.

I love how interested they are getting into puzzles. My son who is 6 now, used to like puzzles since he was 1 year old. He would do the small 24 pieces and then gradually would do the 100 and 150 by the age of 3. I think is was mostly memorization since he would look at the picture of the puzzle completed and when he found a piece he knew where it go.

Well, now he have upgraded our puzzles to 1000. He definitely needs my help to start but once it is 10% done, he would get very into it and would sit for an hour building it.

My other daughter have seen how interested he is and how much dedication he puts so one day she asked me if she could sit in the table with us too look. And that’s how it all started, she would find a color or piece and would try to help him. It got to the point that they would ask him to build together and they will all three sit and search. 

What I love about it is that they talk to each other, about what they like or what they snack or about a class they are taking or friends. Anything. It is our moment of sanity since there is not fighting or arguing involve while doing puzzles. Even my 2 year old will participate in the talk as much as she can talk.

Puzzles have an special place in my house and we will keep doing them together. 


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